Spearcrest Prince by Aurora Reed (ePUB)


Spearcrest Prince by Aurora Reed (ePUB)
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Aurora Reed
January 20, 2023
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I’ve never met a woman impervious to my charm.
And they all accept my terms—an evening of fun, a night of pleasure, and then we’re done. They leave my bed satisfied, and I keep my heart intact.
Until Anaïs Nishinara comes crashing into my life. Our parents arrange our engagement, and they send Anaïs to my school so “we can get to know each other”.
Except she’s not interested in doing that. She’s a weird loner who prefers her sketchbook to the glamour of my old money lifestyle.
I don’t want Anaïs—I don’t even like her. So why can’t I seem to keep away from her?

Séverin Montcroix is a rude, spoilt, arrogant aristocrat.
And now I’m engaged with him and attending the prestigious Spearcrest Academy where he rules as one of the Young Kings. But I don’t believe in kings—or princes, or fairy tales, or love.
I believe in myself, my art, and my plan to get out of this engagement.
Except that for someone who claims to hate being engaged to me, Séverin just refuses to leave me alone.
Is he playing games, or does he have a plan of his own?
And why is it getting harder to resist his attempts at seduction?
Spearcrest Prince is a new adult standalone arranged marriage romance set in the hallowed halls of the prestigious Spearcrest Academy. It contains graphic sexual scenes which may not be suitable for all readers.

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