Steaming with Scott ePUB by Tamrin Banks


Steaming with Scott ePUB by Tamrin Banks
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Tamrin Banks
December 14, 2022
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Steaming with Scott ePUB by Tamrin Banks

Christmas is my least favorite time of the year. Go ahead and call me the grinch but I’ve got no family in town and all my friends have settled down with families of their own. All I have is my job.
Inevitably, I’m called out for an emergency days before Christmas. Surprised, I find myself face to gorgeous face with trouble personified.
My little sister’s best friend, Mackenzie Sloan. The bane of my existence. Not because I hate her. Oh no, not me. Because she grew up into every fantasy I’ve ever dreamed of.
I want her. But she’s too young, too sweet and just too dang attached to my sister to be right for me. I need to keep my head on straight and let her walk away again.
What happens when she tells me she’s home for good? Can I resist all the urges that haunt me every night or am I about to mess up my relationship with my last living relative for good?

I would have to be rescued by Scott. His sister was my ride or die in school. My best friend. Her big brother is eight years older than us but it didn’t stop me from losing my heart in a teenage crush to him.
Years later, I’m home to lick my wounds. The big city chewed me up and spit me out.
Chelsea and I decided to open a little boutique in town. She’s not here yet and judging by Scott’s surprise she hasn’t told him our big news.
Now I’m stuck with the sexy tow truck driver in the middle of the storm of the century and trying to fight my own secret desires. Because if Chelsea comes home to our forbidden romance, I might just lose my best friend and the man I love in one fell swoop.

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