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Stella by Mira Kane (ePUB)


When your family business is the premiere Alpha-Beta-Omega matchmaking agency in Half Moon Bay, California, you would think finding your perfect pack is easy. And it was… Until they dumped me for another omega.

My pride has mostly recovered. My sex life? Not so much.

When I get the chance to help a society darling omega also deal with crushing rejection, it’s a no brainer to help her get her groove back. Omegas have to stick together after all.

But my new friend also comes with Simon, an overprotective control freak of an older brother, and his hotter than the California sun pack. There’s not enough sage in the world to cleanse my impure thoughts about what I want to do to each one of them, but I’m under strict look-but-don’t-touch orders from my heart. Even if I’m about to go into heat early…


My life is in perfect order: nice house, job security, hot packmates. Sure, annoyances arise like this business with my baby sister’s pack of jerks rejecting her, but I took care of it.

Unfortunately for me, another omega steps in to help. Stella smells like ripe peaches and oranges, making me crave her taste. I’ve never let an omega send me into a rut, and I wasn’t going to start now. Even if my self-control is hanging on by a thread.

The last time we added an omega to the pack she almost tore us apart. I won’t put my pack through that again.

I need to stay focused, and ignore this spiraling need for Stella before this little star supernovas my perfect life.

* * *

Welcome to Cosmic Bonds where your perfect pack is just a tarot reading away!

Cosmic Bonds: Stella is the first in a series of standalones of contemporary sweet omegaverse novels. Each one can be enjoyed on it’s own, but you’ll notice favorite characters making appearances in future novellas.

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