Still (Inescapable) ePUB by A. M. Rose


Still (Inescapable) ePUB by A. M. Rose
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A. M. Rose
December 4, 2022
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Still (Inescapable) ePUB by A. M. Rose

Bailey Martinez had two left feet and a bad case of clueless mate syndrome.
Nothing a doctor couldn’t fix.
Only…the doctor he went to happened to be the clueless mate in question, and Bailey was tripping over himself, literally, trying to get noticed.
He needed the Doc to write him a prescription of himself. Stat.

Heath ‘Doc’ Nelson took pride in having all of the qualities a good doctor needed to have. He was smart, dedicated, kind, and observant.
Nothing about his patients ever escaped his notice.
Until Bailey hurtled into his life and Doc started missing a lot.
Like why there was a quartet suddenly singing him love songs outside his office and why there were secret whispers about doves being released on company grounds.
Or even more pressing, why were people suddenly a mixture of cryptic and smug while around him. As if they all knew something he didn’t.
He just needed for everyone to go back to normal and for Bailey to stay on his own two feet for five seconds.
Was that too much to ask?

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