Stripe Poker by Milly Taiden (Epub)

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Stripe Poker by Milly Taiden (Epub)

The bets turn serious when their hearts are on the line.

Opal Hayes is a tiger shifter who’s dedicated her life to making life better for the senior citizens in her hometown. She’s intrigued when Gerri Wilder suggests a poker tournament for her next fundraiser. When she sets eyes on a smoking hot poker champion, she wonders what Gerri’s up to.

Benton O’Connell, tiger shifter and top poker champion, has always looked out for numero uno. When he meets the most gorgeous curvy woman he’s ever seen, he’ll learn that there’s more to life than winning…except when it comes to winning Opal’s heart.

When this fated couple meets at a charity event, both of their lives turn into total chaos. Benton is too distracted to win with his mate in the poker room, and Opal can’t focus on anything else but him. It’s even worse when the alpha tiger of her old streak has chosen to eliminate any threat to his authority…them.

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