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Lisa Freed
August 21, 2022
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Everything that could go wrong in my life recently has. Normally I’m not impulsive, but sometimes you must take a deep breath and take the chance. Which brings me here to Mountain Ridge Resort. When a hungover, sexy older man steps out of the bushes, it doesn’t take much to convince him we can get over our woes together and have the best revenge by enjoying ourselves. Flings are meant to end, and I can’t ask for more. Can I?


Planned at the request of my ex, I should have cancelled this trip as swiftly as she ended our relationship. Who goes to a romantic resort by themselves anyway? Yet here I am, alone, drunk, and miserable. When I stumble across a woman doing yoga to hard rock, more than the music catches my interest. We agree to a fun-filled week together and what happens at the Mountain Ridge Resort stays here. Except, I don’t want to lose what I found with her. Will she take a chance on forever with me?

Summer is the season for love at Mountain Ridge Resort! Pack your bags and get ready to have the time of your life at this charming, lakeside resort nestled in the Virginia mountains. This summer, our guests are getting much more than they expect, when what starts as a summer getaway ends in love and happily-ever-after! Your reservation is confirmed. Check in today, and join some of your favorite romance authors for 25 unforgettable, steamy, summer love stories.

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