Surrender To A Devil ePUB by Wendy Vella


Surrender To A Devil ePUB by Wendy Vella
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Wendy Vella
November 4, 2022
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Surrender To A Devil ePUB by Wendy Vella

He does not believe himself capable of love.

Forrest Howarth did not have the capacity to love a woman. His daughter, yes, and the cousins who had welcomed him when he’d arrived from India, but a woman, no. Joining Alexius and using his knowledge to protect the Monarch was the next step he needed to take in his life. But before he does that, Forrest must find someone to educate his daughter. Miss Ruby Knight seems just that person.

The problem with having Ruby in his household is she intrigues him. She hides behind her clothes, and the need to ensure she sits well below him on society’s ladder. But she was up to something. He just hadn’t worked out what. No one has ever muddled his thoughts like his daughter’s tutor, so when he gives in to the inevitable and kisses her, he realizes there is no going back.

Too late, he realizes that his mission with Alexius and Ruby are connected, and he must use all his skills to keep her safe.

She will do what it takes to keep her brother alive. Even betraying the man she loves.

When Ruby finds work in the Deville household, it is the answer to her prayers. What she hadn’t planned on was a sweet little girl, and her cold, aloof father tugging her heart strings.

When her world is threatened by those that want her to spy on the Deville family, she knows she must do so, or her brother will be harmed.

She cannot allow her heart to beat faster when Forrest Howarth is near. She cannot allow herself to fall for his child, and yet how can she stop it from happening when she must see them each day? How is she to keep them and her brother safe?

Too late she realizes what is in heart, but she cannot act on it. Sacrificing her brother for the love of Forrest and Ella is not something she can contemplate.

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