Taken By the Alien Bandit by Alina Riley (ePUB)

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Taken By the Alien Bandit by Alina Riley (ePUB)

I’m nobody’s property — but that’s not stopping this bandit from taking what he wants.
Running an Inn on an alien planet is supposed to be quiet, safe, and profitable. At least, until some super hunky aliens with rattlesnake tails and attitudes to match their danger vibes stroll into my life and instigate a skirmish.

Their leader, Tlezus, takes me hostage — believing that I’m the reason he got attacked — and before I know it, I’m on his ship, a hostage to a bandit leader I shouldn’t want…but do.

This hulking purple alien thinks he owns me. He can lock me up for now, but I’m leaving here the first chance I get. He can try to make me stay, but I won’t, no matter how he tries to convince me. No matter how good his hands and tail feel on my skin, or how much he makes me want him.

Taken by the Alien Bandit is the first book in the Mated to the Baekex Bandit series. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but you will enjoy the story more if you read them in sequence. This book has no cliffhangers or cheating and most importantly, contains a HEA.

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