Taken By the Grumpy Player by Clarissa McKay (ePUB)

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Taken By the Grumpy Player by Clarissa McKay (ePUB)

Being a new sports reporter means I absolutely, positively cannot get involved with any of the players.

Especially the star quarterback, who may be a beast on the field, but is an A-class jerk in real life!

He is notoriously grumpy, and only gives one-word answers to all my interview questions.

I’ve worked my whole life to land this job, and I won’t throw it away for some rich, ripped, drop-dead gorgeous man who is trying to bed me.

It’s flattering, sure, but I have PRIDE, thankyouverymuch!

Even though he’s starting to go out of his way for me at every opportunity, I will not fall victim to his charms.

Of course, that’s getting harder and harder to do when my job has me interviewing him, hanging out in the team locker room, and even sharing the same hotel with him…

Furthermore, he’s much too old for me.

I haven’t been out of college *that* long, and he’s practically ancient–by pro ball standards, anyway.

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