Taken By the Mafia Boss by Kasi Ryan (ePUB)

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Taken By the Mafia Boss by Kasi Ryan (ePUB)

He can’t be trusted….

Neither can I…. I just can’t tell him that.

With his lean body, hard hands and hungry green eyes, Derek is a pure predator.

I know he’s dangerous…ruthless…and dammit, the man is absolutely irresistible.

But I need to resist him because I’m in too deep to turn back now and that explosive

Attraction is dangerous, especially when you mix with the mob.

Will I lose myself to the trafficking ring he’s trying to take down, or to the way I melt

When he kisses me?

I never thought my life would turn out to be one big conspiracy theory, but now my freedom has a price tag that I’m not sure I can pay… or even if I want to.

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