Taking The Shot by S.L. Forrester (ePUB)

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Taking The Shot by S.L. Forrester (ePUB)

Ash is a 30-year-old single mom who owns a coffee shop and likes to read ‘corn’ in her very limited free time. After finding out about her son’s father who is cheating on her, she decides to stick with her best friend. Luckily her bff takes four double A batteries and doesn’t leave her unsatisfied. Deciding to go have some fun at a bar one night, she runs into the biggest asshat she has ever met. He also gives her the best ten minutes of her life. Now she needs more.

Her only rule…..always wrap it up.

Jace is a 35-year-old personal trainer at the local gym and he also coaches U18 boys’ soccer. After one night at the local bar, his mind has stayed on the smartass that he met. She was a piece of work with an attitude and he loved it. He finally stops thinking about her when his new team meets up for the first time. He turns around to find the girl that he slipped into that night has a kid who plays for him.

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