Talking Dirty with the Billionaire Boss ePUB by Serenity Woods


Talking Dirty with the Billionaire Boss ePUB by Serenity Woods
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Serenity Woods
December 3, 2022
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Talking Dirty with the Billionaire Boss ePUB by Serenity Woods

He could have any woman he wanted. But for some reason, he wants me…

When billionaire CEO Mack Hart demands I come to his office, I’m convinced it’s because he’s caught me on security camera taking photos of his files when I should have been cleaning.

He’s young and sexy, he has a doctorate in Computer Science Engineering, an IQ of 172, and a bank balance containing nine zeroes. Nine! I can’t remember the last time mine wasn’t in the red. His research is so important that his rival will pay big money for it, and I desperately need some of that cash.

Terrified, I expect to find the police waiting there with handcuffs, ready to whisk me off to prison. Instead, the surprisingly young, gorgeous entrepreneur seems more interested in the piece of paper I accidentally dropped the night before. It contains a poem. A very explicit poem I wrote about my perfect fantasy man. I’m sure he thinks it’s about him, which isn’t surprising considering how accurately he fits the bill.

Mortified, I explain that I write steamy romance, but that it’s just a hobby, and I don’t have much experience in the real world. I wait for him to show me the door. Instead, he asks me to be his date at a party that evening.

He could easily have any woman he wanted. He says he finds me fascinating, but I think he just wants to see whether I can talk as dirty as my poem suggests.

Embarrassed, I try to turn him down. But Mack Hart is a man used to getting his own way.

If I give in and have a one-night stand with him, maybe then I’ll be able to escape and forget how close I came to going to prison.

I’m not agreeing because I want to sleep with the hot young billionaire.


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