Taming Wrath ePUB by S Lucas


Taming Wrath ePUB by S Lucas
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S Lucas
December 5, 2022
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Taming Wrath ePUB by S Lucas

Work, fight, drink, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

That’s pretty much how my life works day in, day out. That is until a mysterious man turns up at the bar one night. He’s cocky, and gorgeous and I wouldn’t say no to getting a piece of that. After I win my fight, I let him take me home ready to quench my darkest desires. All that changes when he forces me to drink his blood and drives a dagger through my chest.

The world I wake up in isn’t my own, and there are more problems than just trying to find a way to escape the one place I really don’t want to be in. This isn’t my world, and I don’t want to be the one to try and sort out its issues, I have plenty of those back home.

Now I find myself surrounded by demons who want me dead, and even my dark prince might not be able to save me from their wrath.
Taming Wrath is a novel in the multi-author shared world Sons of Satan. Be sure to read all seven books for a hellish good time. It is a paranormal why choose romance where the FMC doesn’t have to pick just one guy. Make sure to read the content warning for any TWs.

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