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Tempting the Billionaire by Blair Babylon (ePUB)

He’s trying to start a Mafia war. Who does that?

Micah Shine is tall, handsome as hell, exudes wealth, and has just enough mischief in his shimmering eyes that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to really trust him.
He conned me. He trapped me. And now, I’m on the run from the Mafia with him. I should have been more careful. But he’s more than just a partner in crime to me now.
I’m falling in love. The head over heels type of love that’s willing to overlook red flags. The kind that refuses to acknowledge how much power he has. How much access to documents and information that he shouldn’t be able to get.
The kind that knows that Micah Shine is no ordinary con man.
He’s sweet to me. He’s kind. And he’s freaking magic in bed. But game recognizes game, and I can’t help but wait for him change the rules all over again.

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