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Flora Ferrari
August 8, 2022
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Download Texting My Dad’s Best Friend Free ePUB & PDF by Flora Ferrari

Damien Drake is the man of my dreams.

Forty-one years old, mature and experienced, with silver-streaked hair, intense eyes, and a way of owning his six-foot-six muscular body that has me melting…

It’s no wonder I’ve had a crush on him for so long.

But I know nothing can ever happen.

He’s my Dad’s best friend.

They’ve known each other since they were kids.

It’s good, then, that Damien’s working on his TV show in England.

He’s a celebrity chef, wealthy and successful. But now he’s coming home.

And Dad has given him my phone number.

I’m a marketing intern, and Dad thinks I can help with Damien’s restaurant opening.

The texts start innocently, and I think that’s it. He’s not going to pursue his best friend’s daughter.

Even if that wasn’t an obstacle, I doubt he’d be interested. I’m half his age, on the curvy side, and the real kicker… I’m a virgin.

That’s why I lose my mind when Damien starts sending me suggestive texts. And then they go into the full-blown steamy territory.

We get addicted to it, the nightly texting. He texts so possessively like he wants me all to himself, and he never wants anybody else to touch me.

I want that so bad.

But soon, we’re going to have to take our relationship into the real world.

Dad might find out, ending everything.

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