The Alfakkur (3 book series) ePUB by Cherry Snow


The Alfakkur (3 book series) ePUB by Cherry Snow
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Cherry Snow
December 5, 2022
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The Alfakkur (3 book series) ePUB by Cherry Snow

From Book 1: Step foot into the Bonewood, and the wood elves will kill you.

That’s the rule Mira has grown up hearing all her life, with her village so close to the Bonewood. As a huntress, it’s a rule she has always followed.

Until she doesn’t.

She is immediately ambushed by an elf scouting party.

There are five of them, tall, muscular males, their arrows nocked and pointed right at her, ready to kill her the moment she makes the wrong move.

The wood elves are even more beautiful than the stories say. And even deadlier.

Slender yet strong with long pointed ears and vibrant eyes, the beauty of an elf is as wild and fertile as nature itself.

So even though she is lying on the ground, trapped by ropes and rendered completely helpless at their feet, Mira can’t bring herself to complain when these smug, cocksure elf men are willing to strike a bargain with her. They will let her go, even hunt in the Bonewood, completely unbothered.

For a price.

Elves are direct descendants of the Fae. Mira knows mere material trinkets won’t satisfy them.

These five immortal men want something more… rare. Intangible. Something Mira will never, ever get back.

They want her innocence.

Warning! This is an extremely explicit group fantasy romp featuring an inexperienced human maiden and five gorgeous elf men eager to be her first. This work is not suitable for readers under 18 or those who prefer a more emotionally charged scenes.

A Cherry Snow book gets right to the good stuff that features casual, explicit encounters with dangerous, immortal men; encounters that are fun, exciting, and too hot for your e-reader to handle. They are not fated mates, they are not in love, they just want.

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