The Bedroom Coach Agreement ePUB by Hayden Hall


The Bedroom Coach Agreement ePUB by Hayden Hall
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Hayden Hall
November 3, 2022
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The Bedroom Coach Agreement ePUB by Hayden Hall

We’re the least likely couple you’ll ever see. Until the lights go out.


My brother’s best friend has a secret. And I just happen to know what he does in a hidden downtown apartment at night. In front of a camera. Sculpted like a Greek god, Dayton soon becomes all I want.

But a guy like me could never hope to catch his attention. I’ve never been with anyone. I’ve never even kissed a guy. Hell, not even the strangers on dating apps want to take me out. And my brother’s growing worry that I’ll get my heart broken – or worse – is only making things more complicated.

There’s no pity in Dayton’s eyes when he decides to be my only ally. And there’s no prank behind the spectacular first date I ask him to take me to. Before I know it, I’m doing the very thing my big brother wants to prevent.

I’m falling in love with a guy who claims to be incapable of loving anyone back.


My best friend has a younger brother. And he just happens to be a curious and inexperienced freshman. Ginger, sexy, and determined to have the time of his life this semester, Parker quickly becomes my newest obsession.

He wants his first date to be something special. And grand gestures are my specialty. I know all the pitfalls of giving away your V-card. Nobody’s first time should be as cold and careless as mine. A toss of a coin decides it: I am his dating coach. And more.

There’s only one little hiccough in our plan. His big brother must never find out.

Except, when Parker’s soul collides with mine in a night of exploration and delights, I risk more than losing my certified player status. I risk losing the only friendship I preserved through my entire life.

I’m not sure if that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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