The Big Bad’s Darling by Erin Havoc (ePUB)


The Big Bad's Darling by Erin Havoc (ePUB)
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Erin Havoc
January 22, 2023
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Lucien Giordano is dangerous, they say.
And he wants me. Every part of me.

I thought the mafia was something out of stories and movies.
But Lucien is a consigliere to the richest mafia family this side of the country.
I didn’t know that when I told him he shouldn’t skip the line.
I had no idea when we bantered.
He’s big, built like a linebacker, and twenty years older.
Why does it feel like he’s obsessed with a girl like me?
No matter how much I want him, I can’t let him get closer.
I’ve dealt with ambitious men before, and I was left burned.
Besides, my life is not only mine now.
And Lucien wouldn’t want me if he knew that.
…Or would he?

Curves and Ruins is a series of standalone short romances, HEA guaranteed. The heroines are always curvy, and the heroes are not the good guys. Reader beware: steamy scenes ahead.

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