The Corruption of Coye #5 One Week ePUB by Punished Kom


The Corruption of Coye #5 One Week ePUB by Punished Kom
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Punished Kom
December 25, 2022
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The Corruption of Coye #5 One Week ePUB by Punished Kom

Coye is about to have an amazing week. All sorts of adventures are right around the corner, and with his doctor’s blessing to expand his harem for medical reasons, Coye ends up turning his gaze to his current roster of lovely ladies for affection in between quests, as well as taking the first steps toward forging new bonds with his band of bullies- the Baddest Bitches! What’s more, Coye awakens a new desire after an offhanded comment from Shayla. Though he’ll always love it when girls are in charge, Coye wants to expand his horizons so that no matter the type of girl he falls for in the future- he’ll be able to leave them satisfied. In order to become a switch, domination training begins! Is that really such a good idea when Coye already has so much trouble controlling his actions, though…?


Dorothy is about to have potentially the worst week of her life. Already struggling with her increasingly inappropriate feelings for our Half-Elf hero, she can barely even look at Coye without a flight of anxiety. If that wasn’t enough, our poor Guild Mistress is about to deal with one ridiculous problem after another. Whether that be troublesome adventurers destroying her Guild, brain-dead customers, a lack of new quests on the board, or even a surprise inspection, Dorothy can’t catch a single break. It’s only a matter of time until something gives and she starts asking herself whether or not any of this is even worth it anymore. Why even get out of bed when the entire world is against you?

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