The Cowgirl’s Inevitable Love by SJ McCoy (ePUB)

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The Cowgirl’s Inevitable Love by SJ McCoy (ePUB)

From the outside, Laney MacFarland’s life seems close to perfect. She’s a well-respected horse trainer. She might be from a small town in Montana, but she’s made a big name for herself. She might live and work in a male-dominated industry but coming from a family with six brothers and a sadistic father, she learned early in life how to hold her own with men.
She’s achieved everything she set out to, professionally. But when it comes to her personal life, she’s not achieved much of anything at all. She left home when she was eighteen, not to get away from all the men in her family, but to get away from the one man she couldn’t have – well, never except that one time. Her sister wanted her gone, too, so that just made it easier for her to leave.

Her life has started to feel more and more empty lately. She’s ready to make a change, to go out and conquer new mountains. The trouble is, the only mountains she really wants to conquer are the ones back home in Paradise Valley, Montana.
Her sister is married now, and they’ve made their peace. Her brothers have grown into men she likes and respects – and wouldn’t mind working with again. But that one man she could never have? He’s still there in the valley, and as hard as she’s tried to forget him, she’s never been able to.

Luke Wallis did his best to stay away from Laney when she was a kid – she was his best friend’s kid sister, what else was he supposed to do? He spent so much time with the MacFarland boys growing up that he might as well have been one of them. He fell in love with Laney when she was still in high school. But he did the right thing; he never acted on his feelings for her – well, never except that one time.
When she left town, he thought that she’d forget about him and move on with her life. He thought that he’d do the same. He was wrong. On both counts. It’s been torture every time she’s come home over the years. Each time he’s seen her it’s torn him up more. Now, she’s home to stay, and being around her but not being with her might just tear him apart.

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