The Dark Path by Clara Lewis (ePUB)

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The Dark Path by Clara Lewis (ePUB)

One of the most ghastly cold cases resurfaces 13 years later, and things are even more twisted… why now?

The FBI dream team has a new boss, Dr. Evelyn Mayer. Leon and the team must adjust to the new boss as she’s tough to please and works differently.

As they try to find common ground, the bodies of 2 teenagers surface in New York, and the ball is in their court. Leon recognizes some similarities between this case and a cold case that has haunted him for 13 years.

But in previous killings, the killer targeted the residents of a retirement home – this time, the home for troubled girls falls victim. This home takes in girls from the bottom of the barrel; girls that even their families have given up on, and the lady in charge, Ms. Greta, thinks they deserve to die.

As Leon and his team get probing, they learn about a homeless man and the dark pasts of the slain girls. Right when they think they have their hands on the killer, another girl goes missing.

Did they catch the wrong suspect?

Is it another killer? Could it be Ms. Greta?

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