The Devil’s Salvation ePUB by Kira Roman


The Devil's Salvation ePUB by Kira Roman
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Kira Roman
December 1, 2022
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The Devil’s Salvation ePUB by Kira Roman

“You were created in the fiery depths of Hell, and to the darkness of Hell you will return!”

The third and final book

Dramonia Academy was supposed to be a new start for my bestie. When we find out I’m not entirely Human, it becomes a new start for me as well.

My dark past still haunts me, and when the most important person in my life is stolen from me, I lose myself in the pain.

The father I thought had abandoned me offers me what I want most, power. A chance to rain Hell down on those responsible for all of this.

The girl I used to be is gone. Dead, along with my heart. I’m alone in this fight.

What I didn’t expect is to meet men who challenge me, tempt me. Comfort me. I didn’t expect to make a friend, in this sea of deception and hatred.

I may be half Human, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak. What these people don’t know is I have nothing left to lose.

Or so I thought.
This is a Reverse Harem Romance for ages 18+. Contains adult content, and may be triggering for some readers.

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