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T. S. Joyce
August 13, 2022
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Download The Edge of Promise Free ePUB by T. S. Joyce

Hell has felt like home lately to Naomi Dunbar, but her Maker is about to change everything. She has a secret crush on the man with the glowing gold eyes who saved her life, and gave her the gift of the wolf, but he is distant, and getting quieter by the day. The handsome, dominant Alpha is focused on healing her from the inside out, but it seems like it’s draining him to do it. Hot and cold, hot and cold, and Naomi is searching for any way to figure him out. She’s always been submissive, but the wolf inside of her is making big changes, and as the awful mysteries surrounding her death as a human, and rebirth as a werewolf unravel, she’s starting to understand why Ru has been keeping his distance from her.

Ru’s entire life changed the second he pulled a stranger from a well and saved her life. He was never cut out to be a Maker, but here he is. A War-Wolf from birth, he is trying his best to do right by the woman he’s starting to care for, but there is so much more happening than she knows. And if she finds out, it could destroy her and her brand-new wolf forever. For Ru, it’s growing more and more unacceptable to lose her.

The Trader Pack is gone, and the Stryker Pack lives on, but Ru is learning that war was easy.
Peace is his greatest struggle.

Don’t miss this exciting fifth installment in T. S. Joyce’s bestselling Wolves of Promise Falls series, where nothing is as it ever seems.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and piles of shifter secrets. This series is mid-war and mid-establishing territory lines. If you aren’t up for wolf fights, this won’t be your jam, but if you’re up for action-adventure love stories with a side of werewolf growly-growly-fight-fights, this one’s for you.

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