The End House Free ePUB by Michael Robertson Jr


The End House Free ePUB by Michael Robertson Jr
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Michael Robertson Jr
October 24, 2022
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The End House Free ePUB by Michael Robertson Jr

If these walls could talk … they’d scream.

Struggling writer Declan Scheider wakes confused and alone in the old house’s cold and empty bedroom, but his panic quickly subsides when he sees the moving truck parked out front, and he remembers that the old house is actually his family’s new home.

More memories begin to flood him. Some feel right, some feel … off. Not his own. And as he explores the house, it’s more than memories he begins to feel creeping out of the shadows. He swears he’s seeing things, hearing things that aren’t really there. Things that at first he blames on the howling wind and the house’s creaking old bones, but eventually begin to feel much more real, as if Declan is never quite alone.

When he finds the book bound in worn black leather, he hopes reading will help calm his flailing thoughts. But the stories about the house that the mysterious book has to offer only deepen Declan’s confusion and paranoia, until the line between what is real and what isn’t completely disappears.

Where is he? Who is he?

He thought he knew.