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Meg Reading

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Tight end. Boss. Neighbor. Certified jerk.

Abel Abbott was many things but in need of a girlfriend? He certainly was not.

So, you could imagine Scarlett Sawyer’s surprise when he asked her to go from personal chef to pretend girlfriend on the day of her resignation.

She still had every intention of walking away from her ungrateful, ill-mannered boss until he made her an offer that she couldn’t help but consider. Not only would it bring her financial security, but it also had the power to make her one and only childhood dream come true.

Scarlett’s no became a tentative yes, and somewhere in the midst of their charade, the lines between ruse and reality became blurred.

The only question was, would an enigma from Abel’s recent past tear them apart for good or bring them closer together than ever?

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Windows PC game

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2) Extract it

3) Run the Main game EXE file inside the folder

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