The Fiance Solution by Anna Barlow (ePUB)


The Fiance Solution by Anna Barlow (ePUB)
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Anna Barlow
January 22, 2023
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The solution is each other, and they don’t even know it…

Kat Sutton has always had her life together. She had a plan, and it was all going smoothly. A fiance, a well-paying job, and a mortgage on a nice house in the suburbs. But when her fiance dumps her out of the blue, her carefully controlled life falls apart, and she runs to the only place she can: Mistletoe Valley.
Matt Sanders doesn’t believe in love anymore. His fiance abandoned him, and he doubts he’ll ever find someone else in a small town like Mistletoe Valley. Until Katherine Sutton crashes back into his life. He’s fascinated by her prickly exterior, and can’t help coming back for more. She’s fiery, and annoying, and everything he shouldn’t want, so why does he keep falling back into her orbit?
But when he runs into his ex with Kat in tow, she surprises him by pretending to be his fiance. He goes along with it, because when Katherine needs help dealing with her own controlling ex, Matt’s more than happy to step up to the plate. After all, what could go wrong?

Will the two of them be able to heal their old wounds and find happiness with each other? Or will their fake dating solution stay exactly that: fake?

The Fiance Solution is the second book in a series of interconnect standalone romcoms, set in the cozy small town of Mistletoe Valley. Every book has a HEA, and features steamy explicit content not suitable for those under 18.

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