The Forever Vault by Finn Dixon (epub)

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The Forever Vault by Finn Dixon (epub)

What’s worth more? A few gold medals or unconditional love from my hopefully soon-to-be fiancé? Is it possible to have both?

Some would say I finally had it all – the love of my life by my side, a gold medal in the Olympic all-around final, and a gorgeous house in sunny Florida minutes from the beach. I claimed victory in London four years ago and I’m back to prove I still have what it takes to stay on top.
But I know better than anyone it can all disappear in an instant. Will they be playing the Star-Spangled Banner for me at the medal ceremony?

When tragedy strikes, I have another chance at the Olympics. I’m equal parts shocked, excited and terrified, torn between chasing my dream of Olympic gold and taking care of Luke’s heart.
Because the only thing that can get me through this is the one person that needs me the most. When our relationship is tested and our future uncertain, will the man I love still want to spend the rest of his life with me?

The Forever Vault is a full-length gay romance novel and the epic conclusion to the Rings Trilogy, the centerpiece of the Champions Series. Cam and Luke’s final chapter features a mile high romp, a routine-saving lucky jockstrap, porn star hotel buddies, a trip to the Folsom Street Fair, and an unwelcome blast from the past. Cam and Luke’s last Olympics promises to be filled with soap opera levels of shenanigans, but don’t fret, they’ll get their well-deserved HEA. It is recommended this series be read in order, starting with Rings of Lust.

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