The Hollow Palace by J.A. Skald (Epub)

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The Hollow Palace by J.A. Skald (Epub)

Sebastian messed up – bad.

But he’s not about to go let his (erstwhile love) friend pay for his own mistakes.

Even if he has to bargain with backstabbing fae, eldritch monsters, and chasing after some Lost Prince all the way into the Fae Realm; to the very heart of the Court of Winter itself.

Ryndalon better appreciate this…

The duology concludes as Sebastian journeys into the faerealm to try and save his errant bard…

Rule one making Deals with the fae? DON’T.

Inspired by Scandinavian tales like East Of The Sun / West Of The Moon, The Snow Queen, the Völsunga saga, as well as classic sword and sorcery fantasy; Relict Saga is a dark fantasy MM adventure romance series with angst, LGBTQIA+ characters, hurt/comfort, grumpy sunshine, opposites attract, portal isekai, and fae trickery.

Expect heavy elements of romance, steam, monster battles, violence, swearing, trauma, arranged marriages, and — on occasion — guys being idiots about each other.

It is intended for mature audiences.

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