The House of Eros by Shane Morton (Epub)

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The House of Eros by Shane Morton (Epub)

Valleywood has a house of ill-repute!

Eros has wandered the world for millennia, a primordial god who has never found his true mate. Now he lives in Valleywood running The House of Eros – a place where all of your fantasies can be made true.

Syke is a shapeshifting thief living on the street – disowned by his family. He now lives in a DIckensian world of the underground habitated by thiefs, pickpockets and rogues. All he wants is to finally meet his true love.

Eros- Everything has begun unravelling and I’m afraid I know the reason why. Someone from my past wants to hurt me and destroy the life I’ve created here in Valleywood. In all my eons of existence, there are far too many who want revenge for me to even hazard a guess. Then he walked in to rob me and I knew what it was to truly feel the one emotion I have always had the power over – love. Being the god of love and it’s multitude of emotions hadn’t prepared me for the overwhleming feelings I was experiencing for the first time.

Can I save the life I built in Valleywood and this young man who has stolen my heart? If I have to choose, I know the answer. Syke has become the only thing that matters!

But I will not leave without destroying everything in my wake. This person seeking revenge, they may have stolen my magical arrows, but I’ll be the one who sticks it in their heart. I am not one of these child gods – I have been alive since the begining of chaos and I will reign destruction upon them.

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