The Killer Code Free ePUB by Cameron Jace


The Killer Code Free ePUB by Cameron Jace
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Cameron Jace
October 31, 2022
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The Killer Code Free ePUB by Cameron Jace

Twenty years later, she has to relive the past.

After her sister’s disappearance, Professor Anne Anderson spends her life studying the origins of folklore. Twenty years later, a serial killer demands that Anne plays a twisted game of puzzles to save the girl he just kidnapped.

At first, the puzzles seem to resonate with her lifelong studies, but then she realizes how similar this case is to her sister’s.

Does the killer know what happened to her sister? Did he kill her? Or worse: what if Anne is about to unveil another crime, one that’s not only twenty years old but two centuries old?

*Every thriller book claims it has the greatest twist of all time in their titles. The Killer Code doesn’t because it actually has it– and it will leave you thinking about it for days.

* Will return to original price on release date!

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