The Lady’s Marquess by C.K. Mackenzie (ePUB)

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The Lady’s Marquess by C.K. Mackenzie (ePUB)

The year is 1806, the ship is The Britannia, he’s a titled gentleman and she’s his best friend’s sister. They have 35 days between Portsmouth and Kingston, Canada. What could possibly happen?

Esme Conrad expected only one thing on her journey from England to Canada–to discover the vandal destroying her shipping company’s cargo. Maybe she expected a tediously long trip as the prim and proper maiden she planned to show the other passengers, but she could handle that. What she didn’t expect was her brother’s best friend to sail with her, threatening the role she played, or a murderer. Perhaps she needed a better plan.

Major Landon Carhart, the Marquess of Strachan hadn’t any expectation from this transatlantic voyage. A spy sailed to French Canada, attempting to stir up support for Napoleon and stopping the man was his duty. Sure, he joined HIs Majesty’s Army to mitigate the scandal surrounding his family, but duty was duty. Until he spotted Esme Conrad on deck. Duty suddenly took a back seat.

She might be his best friend’s sister, but in the middle of the Atlantic, there’s no one stopping them. Their first kiss surprises her and she craves more. Can they overcome the secrets they carry and the lies they’ve told each other, to trust and allow love a chance? Or will their duties keep them apart?

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