The Lord Ruler ePUB by Alvin Atwater


The Lord Ruler ePUB by Alvin Atwater
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Alvin Atwater
December 4, 2022
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The Lord Ruler ePUB by Alvin Atwater

The saga of Nate the cheat potion maker continues!

My place in this world slowly reveals itself to me. Unfortunately, I’m constantly reminded just how magicians truly screwed this place up. The Lord Ruler serves as one of the kingdom’s major problems, though there could be more to it.
Tasks: rank up the shop and town, adapt to my ever-increasing strength, and hey, there are foes that are seriously strong out there.
So many things happen in my growing tale this time around. Sit. I shall continue…

Novel contains: Strong MC in a slice of life environment, dungeon diving, boss battles, cultivation and elements, mana/magic, mc exclusive system but it doesn’t do the work for him, treasures, adventurers, slow world building, build-up, features that will not be introduced all at once (upgrades so on), actual good loot at the end of very powerful bosses, romance(no harem). As characters develop throughout the series, issues and emotions and even the mc may find himself in a corner or two. A story of an upcoming potion shopkeeper and his apprentices.

Building an S-ranked Potion Shop is easier said than done…

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