The Lord’s Promise by Lisa Campell (ePUB)

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The Lord’s Promise by Lisa Campell (ePUB)

In a world where fate is a ruthless master, they are but two pawns in its game…

From the moment Lady Anne Fitzroy met Jace Reeves, she knew their fates were irrevocably intertwined. Alas, the merciless tempests of war tore them asunder, leaving Anne stranded in a desolate, loveless betrothal to a Duke, whose grasp was suffocating and unyielding.

Little did she know that her wish would come true at last…

Jace Reeves emerged from the battlefield bearing scars upon his flesh and spirit. His heart yearned for the embrace of Lady Anne, the woman who had captured his heart, only to find her ensnared by another. Yet, the flame of his love still burns with fervor, a passionate inferno that refuses to be extinguished.

But their reunion is not meant to be easy; for the walls that keep them apart are high and fortified. From Anne’s betrothal to Jace’s broken spirit, they must fight with every fiber of their being to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

In the face of an implacable destiny, even the most resolute of wills may falter. So, how can they triumph over fate and emerge victorious from its relentless game?

Fate may be merciless, but love is relentless.

*If you like seductive Earls, Dukes, and Barons with a soft heart but a strong will, and romance stories depicting the Regency period, then The Lord’s Promise is the perfect novel for you.

Dive into the epic world of the Regency Era Ladies, Governesses, and Bluestockings while Lisa Campell takes you on a suspenseful journey full of passion and true love!

“The Lord’s Promise” is a Historical Regency romance novel of more than 400 pages. STANDALONE, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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