The Making of Marnie Jones by Gabbi Powell (Epub)

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The Making of Marnie Jones by Gabbi Powell (Epub)

Librarian Marnie Jones has reinvented herself. After horrors that changed her forever, she’s built a new life and has found what she believes to be safety and quiet happiness. She hopes she’s outrun her past, but all that changes when a stranger comes to the small town of Mission City, British Columbia.

Jake McGrath has expended considerable resources to find Marnie Jones. His niece, Olivia, is spiraling out of control, and Jake thinks Marnie—who understands what his traumatized relative’s going through—is the one person who might help save her. . He needs to convince the skittish woman to return to Toronto with him. She’s his only hope.

Marnie reluctantly agrees to speak to Olivia, and each conversation shines a new light on her own life. Can she help Olivia and herself as well? If she can let her walls down enough to let one person in, perhaps she can admit her feelings for Jake and live the life she’s always dreamed of. But those walls are thick and well-reinforced. Can Jake be patient enough to wait until Marnie’s ready to confront her past and forge a future—hopefully with him?

The Making of Marnie Jones is a slow-burn, hurt/comfort, enemies-to-lovers romance with a touch of angst and a therapy dog named Tiffany. There is mention of previous sexual assault. The book is the second in the Love in Cedar Valley series set in a small town in British Columbia, Canada.

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