The Mistaken Identity Rescue ePUB by Jenna Brandt


The Mistaken Identity Rescue ePUB by Jenna Brandt
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Jenna Brandt
December 30, 2022
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The Mistaken Identity Rescue ePUB by Jenna Brandt

A record-holding para-rescue jumper, a twin trying to help her famous sister, and a blizzard that traps them together.

Gunnery Sergeant Justin Ford holds the record for the most successful para-rescue jumps in the country. He’s an expert at handling a dangerous situation, but even he isn’t prepared when an attention-seeking TV star radios in for help.

Holly Stone has spent her whole life pretending to be her twin sister. It only got worse when Harper became famous. So, when Harper tries to sneak off for secret plastic surgery, Holly is tasked with pretending she’s on a vacation with Harper’s boyfriend during an unexpected blizzard. If only the ruggedly handsome para-rescue K9 handler who saved her didn’t mistake her for her sister like everyone else.

Will Justin see past the façade and see the true Holly? Will Holly open her heart and let someone in for the first time? And can they survive the worst blizzard in Colorado history?

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