The P Arrangement by R.L. Kenderson (ePUB)

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The P Arrangement by R.L. Kenderson (ePUB)


All she wanted was to find a man who knew his way around her P.

I was probably what you would call a boss b!tch. I was the youngest judge in the state—and a female one at that. My job was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but it was also the most rewarding. If only my private life were just as satisfying.
What I’d gained in my professional life, I’d lost in my personal one. Which meant I’d lost the man who knew my body as well as his own. The man who knew every single thing that turned me on and how to make me come. Too bad for me because, now, he was the guy no one could live up to.
That was where Preston St. James came in. That man knew how to worship my pu$$y, and I didn’t need to find a new guy when my ex-husband could give me exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I needed.
But maybe I should have taken into account what he wanted. Me.

Author Note (CW): Exhibitionism k*nk, degradation k*nk, accidental pregnancy, and a traumatic birth (in the past)

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