The Pretend Christmas Fiance Raine’s Love Story ePUB by Taylor Hart


The Pretend Christmas Fiance Raine's Love Story ePUB by Taylor Hart
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Taylor Hart
December 4, 2022
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The Pretend Christmas Fiance Raine’s Love Story ePUB by Taylor Hart

A good man trying to figure out his life’s purpose. A beautiful woman, tryng to forget the ghosts from her past. Will a fake Christimas fiance … turn real?

★★★★★From kindle all-star and USA Today author, Taylor Hart! The South Port Beach Series!

All Raine Birch knew about life; was that he had a lot to learn. He knew even less about God’s plan, but he did trust Pastor Henry and he was actually starting to trust himself even more in that department. When he meets a beautiful red head from Snow Valley, Montana at a wedding, he wouldn’t lie; he wanted to date her. It annoyed him to no end she avoided him for months.

Sarah Snow felt … fragile. Maybe even borderline like she was losing her mind. And living with a woman who was about to get married … was hard. She adored her friend and her fiancé, but she didn’t like to ‘play chaperone’ and she really didn’t like discussing the dreams she had of her late husband or how she felt like he was following her around. When her husband’s brother shows up and asks for forgiveness and tells her he still wants to marry her, there was only one thing to do to—Lie. And that lie surprised her as much as everyone around her; she was already engaged to Raine Birch.

Now, the only thing to do was to convince Raine to pretend to be her fiancé for one week. One week and then they could both be free. Or could they?

As these beach friends find a way back to each other, they must learn to let go of what doesn’t matter and cling to the things of most value–family, love, and fun memories on the beach.

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