The Pretty Beach Way by Polly Babbington (ePUB)

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The Pretty Beach Way by Polly Babbington (ePUB)

‘Polly’s writing is like being wrapped up in an emotional hug. There’s nothing better than getting cosy with a Babbington book.’ S Quinn.

♥ ♥ ♥

Lotta Button is embracing the transformation that has happened in her life since she arrived in Pretty Beach. With a new job, a gorgeous new partner, and something else very nice indeed waiting for her in the wings, we head back to the best little town by the sea to see how she’s faring.

As flowers bloom every which way she turns, Lotta cosies on up with her books in the library room in Pretty Beach to the Breakers, loving being happy. Everything is going swimmingly, and Lotta wallows in her good fortune until one day she comes across something she perhaps shouldn’t, and a spanner is thrown in the works of Lotta’s new life.

On the sidelines, looking on, we begin to wonder whether or not Lotta actually gets her happily ever after after all.

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