The Prodigal by Kristy Marie (epub)

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The Prodigal by Kristy Marie (epub)

The Prodigal is a spicy, frenemies-to-lovers, forbidden romance full of delicious angst and heart-wrenching revelations by bestselling author Kristy Marie.

Remington Potter was a sarcastic jerk with a body of an avenging angel. He screamed good times and bad decisions.
But that’s not what made us friends.
His saving me that one night did—even if he denied it.
Remington Potter was my antihero.
I owed him at least a friendship and a plastic chair.
But I made one mistake.
I didn’t knock.
I didn’t look away.
All I saw was him on the floor.
And broken.
But that wasn’t the worst part.
I discovered Remington Potter wasn’t the mysterious savior I thought he was.
He was vengeful.
And I was the final piece in his game.

The Prodigal is a full-length standalone that features crossover characters from the Hands of the Potters Series.

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