The Rat King ePUB by Jennifer M. Waldrop


The Rat King ePUB by Jennifer M. Waldrop
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Jennifer M. Waldrop
December 10, 2022
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The Rat King ePUB by Jennifer M. Waldrop

Marry the king. Fall in love. Break the curse. Sounds easy, right? Then I see him…

Let me rewind.

Once, I believed the planes between the witches’ and warlock’s realms were separated by happenstance, like some sort of cosmic yin-yang. I was woefully naïve back then.

The summer of my twenty-fourth birthday the head of our coven made me a proposition. A seventeen-year peace deal is ending, and they must deliver a witch-bride to the warlock king in the parallel plane within six months’ time.

I am slated to be that witch.

My latent witch gene makes me the perfect candidate. Besides, I dropped out of theater school midway through and bartending in a Miami nightclub is already getting old. This I could do.

Not only would I be keeping the peace between our planes, but I’d also be queen and it was just another role after all. What could go wrong?

When Nighval, the warlock in question, comes to collect me, his size and the pure power radiating off him is staggering. And his features are two clicks away from being too severe, but I can work with it. Who am I kidding? I want to work with it.

Then I learn the truth about the curse and discover this powerful man isn’t who is set to become my husband. It’s his pasty, well-meaning brother.

Bad things come in threes, right? I know this, still I am not prepared for what comes next.

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