The Rules We Break by Allie Everhart (ePUB)

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The Rules We Break by Allie Everhart (ePUB)

Never date your roommate.
It’s a common rule. And for good reason.
If it doesn’t work out, one of you could end up on the streets.

I don’t have to worry about that with Theo.
Living with him is like living with an annoying big brother.
The guy leaves chips all over the couch and his underwear on the floor.
And he’s always playing video games.
Not qualities I find attractive.

He’s got a good body, I’ll give him that.
I know this because Theo doesn’t like wearing clothes.
It’s another one of his annoying quirks.

Despite his shortcomings, Theo’s actually a good roommate.
In fact, the longer I live with him, the more I like him.
I’ve even found myself wondering what it’d be like to kiss him.
Which doesn’t make sense because I am not into Theo.
Even though he plays football, and I kind of have a thing for football players.

But not Theo.
He’s my roommate.
And I can’t break the rule.
Could I?

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