The Shadow of Dante ePUB by Camila Gonzales


The Shadow of Dante ePUB by Camila Gonzales
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Camila Gonzales
December 19, 2022
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The Shadow of Dante ePUB by Camila Gonzales

Does Lieutenant Vera Backland lust for her suspect? Has she plotted revenge for her lover?

Go on a journey through this story to find out who might’ve been the actual killer and who might’ve been manipulated to think that they’re the murderer.

On the night of January 20, Lieutenant Vera Backland visits her favorite bar and sees a man who attracts her in an unusual way. A few hours later she visits a strange crime scene, in Sleepy Hollow. But Vera is not at her best; the disappearance of someone close to her has wreaked havoc on her psyche and she knows she’s not one hundred percent ready to lead the new Complex Crimes Bureau in New York City.

Along with her partner Luke Faller, she must find the murderer before he continues to claim more victims, guided by the play The Divine Comedy and by the classification he has made of sinners.

Vera doubts everything and everyone. Even from herself, and for this she asks for help from her psychiatrist Alan Holt and her former tutor Clarence Perkins. She must not only understand the killer’s mind but her own. With a vast criminal imagination and a new erotic imagination, Vera must come to terms with the shadows she carries before the shadows consume her.

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