The Silent Road by S.N. McKibben (ePUB)

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The Silent Road by S.N. McKibben (ePUB)

Marriage, parenting, and making ends meet is a long road to haul─and I’ve screwed it all up.

My ex thinks I’m a deadbeat. My daughter has lost all faith in me. As a long-haul truck driver, I haven’t been there for either of them. Now that I’ve been caught driving my rig without a license it proves them right.

Since I’m on probation, I’ve been forced to take a co-driver on the road with me and prove to him that I can safely pass my commercial license, even though I’ve been doing this for a decade.

This is my last shot to continue with my company and prove myself to my broken family. I’ve missed a lot but I’m going to make it up to my daughter. I’m not going to blow it. Not this time. I’m going to get the money my daughter needs. There’s a financial bonus in my future if I can talk Jake, my co-driver and probationary instructor, into hustling his laidback, rule-following ass into finishing the job early.

As Jake and I travel together, the long drive and miles ahead of us bring us closer than I’m comfortable with─or am I?

Suddenly, I’m feeling things I never thought possible with another man. Could Jake be the “ride or die” I’ve been yearning for my entire life?

Is the road less traveled the one I’ve always needed?
Am I scared?
Hell, yes!

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