The Sultan’s Seven Secrets ePUB by Jeff Buehner


The Sultan's Seven Secrets ePUB by Jeff Buehner
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Jeff Buehner
October 24, 2022
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The Sultan’s Seven Secrets ePUB by Jeff Buehner

The Sultan’s Seven Secrets is an incredible formula for success, manifesting and personal development. It’s ideal for anyone who has tried everything to manifest their dream life … with mixed or no results.

It is based upon the life and writings of the richest man who ever lived, the Sultan Musa of Mali (circa 1300 AD).

Musa started life as an orphan and a penniless street urchin, but after a near-death experience, he encountered the Man Made of Light who taught Musa seven secrets to manifest his dream life. Musa used this formula to create enormous personal wealth.

Jeff Buehner was a concrete contractor working himself to exhaustion but still going backward financially… until a wealthy client loaned him a manuscript that told that story of Sultan Musa of Mali and his seven secrets.

Jeff used this same formula to drastically transform his own life and has, over the past three decades, shared the Sultan’s Seven Secrets with thousands of people worldwide, who have gone on to dramatically improve their lives.

In this book, you will discover:

– The mechanism that steers and controls every aspect of your life.
– The only language this mechanism listens to and obeys.
– How to command this mechanism to take you exactly where you want to go.
– Your superpower – you already have – and how to use it to immediately seize control of your life and your future.
– Why The Secret felt right… but didn’t work for you.

Essentially, you will learn how to build a dream… and make it come true.

Jeff Buehner is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, corporate trainer and host of his life-changing Seven Secrets Challenges and Spell Breaker Workshops.

Jeff says: Whatever thoughts and scenarios you choose to entertain in your mind – good or bad – life will bring you more of it, guaranteed.

This powerful book is life-changing.

personal development; conscious/subconscious; manifesting; law of attraction; visualisation; imagining; goal setting; scenario planning;