The Winter Biker ePUB by Crimson Syn


The Winter Biker ePUB by Crimson Syn
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Crimson Syn
December 31, 2022
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The Winter Biker ePUB by Crimson Syn

The Winter Biker

PaulBulldogJameson has lived a rough life.
Betrayed by his best friend and thrown in prison,
He fought to survive.
When he got out, all he wanted was to rebuild his life.
Creating the RBMC brings him a sense of freedom,
but his past still haunts him,
and when a murder occurs on his property, all eyes are on him.
Including the beautiful Detective whom one night walks into his bar.

Detective Aiyana Locklear has set her eyes on Paul Jameson,
the President of the Royal Bastards MC.
He’s dangerous, cunning, and has a devious past that has been kept hidden until now.
One night is all it takes for Aiyana to fall for Bulldog’s charms.
One night for him to become completely obsessed with the pretty detective.
One lie that could break them in two or make them stronger.
Will love conquer all between this detective and her felon?

This is Bulldog’s story, the Founding President of the RBMC. The one who started it all…

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