Thick Omega ePUB by Hope Mae


Thick Omega ePUB by Hope Mae
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Hope Mae
November 2, 2022
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Thick Omega ePUB by Hope Mae


Mac looks nothing like other omegas. He is big, thick, and not delicate. Mac hates it because he doesn’t fit in anywhere. Worse of all, other omegas hate him. They bully him and want nothing to do with him. Not that Mac wants anything to do with them. Mac wants only two things – a job and to spend his heat with an alpha – just once.

The latter is a sore spot; no matter how hard he tries he can never be what an alpha wants. After an embarrassing night with a beta, his brother promises to find him an alpha to share his heats. Mac agrees thinking his brother wouldn’t succeed, but he does. And the alpha he finds is none other than Deltta Kohle – the former Alpha King of the damn planet. His brother keeps this tidbit of information to himself until it’s too late – the alpha is already in heat.
Mac has no choice but to meet him, even though he knows he might not like him. On meeting him, Mac is not sure he can go through with it. But Deltta says something he never thought he’d hear an alpha say …

“For my entire heat you’ll be mine. I don’t mean like mine because you’re here…no…you’ll be mine. You’ll belong to me body and soul. And I need you to give yourself to me. Do you think you can handle that?”

Yes, that’s all Mac can think.


After the incident five years ago, Deltta Kohle has changed. He’s not the same alpha he used to be. They stripped him of his title as alpha king, leaving nothing but a moody, depressed shell of himself. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s a little extra – his animal side is prominent than ever before, and it comes out during sex. Deltta can’t bring himself to be with an omega. Sedatives are the only things that make his heats bearable. His brother thinks its unhealthy. As long as he doesn’t scare some poor omega half to death, Deltta doesn’t care. He’ll keep sedating himself. But a trip to his doctor brings his greatest nightmare to life – the sedatives have stopped working and he needs to find an omega…
The omega his brother finds is nothing Deltta expected. He’s not delicate like the omegas he’d been with. Deltta doesn’t hold back.

Their night together turns into so much more as Deltta accidentally leaves a claiming mark on Mac. Mac has wanted an alpha of his own for a long time. But can he believe Deltta’s feelings for him are real when the alpha asks to bond with him?
No… Mac can’t. He’s not what alphas want.
Deltta fights to reclaim his position as Alpha King. But his greatest fight has only began as Mac rejects him at every turn.
Will he be able to convince his omega he’s perfect for him in every way or pretend he never claimed him as he asked him to? 

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