Tiger & Thorn’s Tempest ePUB by Ciara St James


Tiger & Thorn's Tempest ePUB by Ciara St James
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Ciara St James
December 18, 2022
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Tiger & Thorn’s Tempest ePUB by Ciara St James

Tiger and Thorn are both members of an MC which they love. They have a biker family who brings them joy and work which fulfills them. They should be beyond happy. Only they both have a secret they don’t know if their club can accept. A secret they’ve kept for a long time.

As they toy with the idea if it is time to come clean, an unexpected meeting brings someone else to their attention. Her name is Neriah and when Tiger meets her, he knows he has to have Thorn meet her as soon as possible.

Thorn is just as amazed by Neriah as Tiger. They both agree on the next step, but first, they have to see if she’s willing. Neriah is a very sweet, innocent woman who’s been raised in a very sheltered way. Will she be able to deal with what these two bikers propose?

Neriah is bowled over when she meets Tiger, then Thorn. For a woman who dreams of a family but has never found herself responding to a man, they are a total surprise. Only what is she to do? Now she finds herself, for the first time in her life, attracted to not just one man but two. How will she choose?

As their future becomes apparent and they work on finding their place and revealing themselves to all their loved ones, the issues and trials are revealed. A huge unexpected one almost results in Tiger and Thorn losing Neriah forever. However, there is one thing they will never do, and that is lose their Tempest. They’ll do anything it takes to keep her, even if they have to wipe out dozens to do it.

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