Timely Guardian by Vi Lily (ePUB)

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Timely Guardian by Vi Lily (ePUB)

Paranormal romance novel for ages 13+

She’s on the run from demons. He’s a fallen angel running from his duties.

When Gwen took her baby sister and ran, she knew surviving would be hard, even with her superhuman abilities. But she would have done anything to protect Carlie from the demons who want her for unspeakable reasons.

And they’ll kill Gwen to get her.

Over 1,000 years ago, Avisha’d had his fill of mankind. He no longer wanted to fulfill his duties as a guardian angel. His punishment? Being encased in stone as a gargoyle.

It isn’t until Gwen and Carlie cross his path that Avi manages to break free from his self-imposed tomb, swooping in–literally–to save the day. Despite his misgivings about mankind, he just couldn’t let the young woman be killed by the demons chasing her.

Especially not when he realizes Gwen is his mate.

Despite his tough and scary exterior, Gwen knows Avi is not just a protector, but also a “man” with a tortured past. While she has too many doubts to think an actual fallen angel gargoyle and a freaky human girl can make it work, she also knows Avi would literally go through Hell for her and Carlie.

And with the demons hot on their trail, that might be a very real possibility.

Will they be able to overcome their differences and defeat the demons once and for all? Or will their love for each other prove to be their downfall? Find out in this thrilling paranormal romance about love, sacrifice, and the fight against evil.

Previously published as “Avisha.” The book has been edited, retitled and re-covered.

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