Torro ePUB by Mary Kennedy


Torro ePUB by Mary Kennedy
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Mary Kennedy
December 20, 2022
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Torro ePUB by Mary Kennedy

Nic Torres, known to his teammates as Torro, has a terrible secret. A secret that might endanger the life of a woman and her child, as well as his teammates. But it’s a secret he’s held close to his heart for almost half his life. Facing the evil in his past, he must now find a way to reconcile his feelings, while recognizing the love that’s growing for the woman in his arms. Traveling to Italy, he never dreamed he’d find a piece of his past that he didn’t know existed. For Nic, things will begin to slip into place the way they always should have been.

Melanie Fairfield is one of many women caught in the lies and deceit of Randy Goodwin. He might be dead and gone, but he’s left a mess behind, and Melanie has to find a way to manage through it. First, she has to get her daughter back. A daughter that’s dying and doesn’t even know it. When Nic and his teammates show up at her home, she believes they’re part of the evil that’s stolen her daughter. Finding out that he’s her hero, not her nemesis, will change her world forever.

If the world were fair, love would be easy and simple. Unfortunately, it’s not.

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