Tower Mage Free ePUB by David Burke


Tower Mage Free ePUB by David Burke
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David Burke
October 24, 2022
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Tower Mage Free ePUB by David Burke

Gain Levels, Defeat Monsters, Acquire a few Lovely Tower Mages

Rico ventures into a trinket shop’s grand opening, lured in by unusual circumstances. Once inside, he find a glowing sack upon a special shelf. The thing is, only he can see the magical aura around the otherwise plain container, a fact that makes him exceeding special.

That night, Nuwa, a goddess of the Nine, abducts Rico and deposits him on a planet called Loral. Two sides battle for supremacy on the surface, with both sides being rewarded through system stations for defeating their foes. Rico is placed in the middle of nowhere, set to protect a fledgling outpost against the denizens of the Dark Pantheon. Oh, and there’s a special problem, waves of merfolk known as the Shrezen attack from the deep.

Instead of moping about, Rico accepts his isekai transition as a challenge worthy of his dedication. His base is akin to a hippie camp, no one understands the dire situation, and the defenders are nothing but farmers. However, not all is lost.

Rico is blessed as a mage of the nine magics. A protector of the nine hybrid humanoid species. By crushing his enemies to gain riches and levels, he’ll protect his lovely tower mages like a destined champion.